OpenID is the same as mirabilos@LP, which points to a couple more locations about the owner. This page is used to distance from being associated with only one single project, as the speciality is “dancing on many weddings”, i.e. partaking in many (open source and otherwise) projects.

This site

This website will continue to contain content not associated with MirBSD / The MirOS Project; mostly, private stuff, such as imagery associated with geocaching and geohashing. Please move along, nothing to see here.

Oh well, actually, Free Music is to see, download, listen to, perform, etc. here.


Since end of November, 2014, MirSolutions no longer exists as a business due to more betrayal than actual revenue.

Der Gewerbebetrieb MirSolutions existiert seit Ende November 2014 nicht mehr, weil es sich aufgrund von mehr Aufwand als bezahlten Rechnungen nicht lohnt.

Impressum / Imprint

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